Will Facebook Be Dead By 2018?

Princeton University says yes.
Will Facebook Be Dead By 2018?

Facebook is a modern virus, one we've all been infected with and can't cure. Princeton University sees Facebook the same way and has analyzed the lifespan of the technological social media virus in a new study.

Using scientific methods of study and analysis regularly saved for real diseases, the study predicts the Facebook virus will be all but dead by 2018.

Facebook was found to already be on the decline, a trend that started in 2013. This decline is expected to get worse, and fast, with Facebook expected to shrink 20% by the end of the year.

The study concluded that Facebook will lose 80% of all users by 2018. Bad news for Zuckerberg.

This goes along with an already established movement among youths. British teens have called Facebook 'dead and buried,' rejecting the social media network for the mass amount of old people, and parents, online. Personally, I've heard scores of friends tell me about younger siblings who don't bother with Facebook, opting for Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to keep in touch with friends.

If Facebook can't hold on to the younger generation, it seems like its death is immanent. The question is, what will be the next social media giant?

What do you think will happen to Facebook?  

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