Will There Be Snow In Montreal On Christmas 2015?

The question on everyone's mind.
Will There Be Snow In Montreal On Christmas 2015?

When you're a kid, you love the snow and you just can't get enough. But once you're an adult, you only care about snow on 2 occasions, when you're skiing and on Christmas.

Christmas just doesn't seem right without any snow, all the neighborhoods look dark and sad, and Christmas lights just look like shit without a snowy backdrop.

So the question is, will there be snow in Montreal on Christmas 2015?

We checked several weather websites and some were predicting that on December 21st we will be getting 4.2cm of snow during the day and 8.5cm at night, plus another 4cm on December 23rd.

We also found a website called WillIGetAWhiteChristmas.com and it's saying there's a 50% chance of us indeed getting the white stuff this year. We'll keep checking and hopefully we'll have les flakey (pun!) news to report soon.

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