Wine Made Out Of Tigers Is A Real Thing You Can Buy & Drink

Tiger bone wine is all the rage in the worst way.
Wine Made Out Of Tigers Is A Real Thing You Can Buy & Drink

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Wine may be good for you (even in large doses, apparently) but not for tigers, at least not in China. Tiger bone wine, which is wine fermented in the skeletons of the large feline, has been an ongoing trend in China, propogated solely by the rich and ritzy of the nation.

Tiger bone wine isn't some strange elixir one can only get on China's blackmarket, as the alcoholic beverage steeped in animal bones (just try and get that creepy image out of your head) is freely sold to the public in standard shops. One bottle goes for about $90 Canadian, while an eight-year vintage is sold for upwards of $350.

Some traditional health benefits are linked to Tiger bone wine, but in most, if not all cases, the wine is purchased as a symbol of wealth and class. Essentially, China's wealthy population want everyone to know they're rich by buying wine made from tigers. What ever happened to just buying a ridiculously expensive car?

Tigers are an endangered species, with only around 4, 000 in existence today, so China has come under fire from animal rights groups who have heavily criticized the wine-making process and market, for obvious reasons. Still, "tiger farms" in China have stated that it's totally legal, and government approved, to make wine from the skeletons of animals who have already died. But lets be real, if there's a large enough demand, something tells me a businessman isn't going to wait for a tiger to pass on from old age.

Weird, kinda gross, and morally reprehensible, Tiger bone wine is a trend we don't want to see catch on in other places around the world. That being said, we can't deny it'd feel pretty baller to sip on a glass of red and literally drink the essence of a mighty tiger, you know, like one time.

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