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Wine That Doesn't Give You A Hangover? Yes, Wine That Doesn't Give You A Hangover

Because wine drunk is the best drunk.
Wine That Doesn't Give You A Hangover? Yes, Wine That Doesn't Give You A Hangover

Photo cred - WeHeartIt

As Montrealers, we sure do love our wine, and who can blame us, it's so classy and shit. The hangovers that invariably come along for the ride, not so much.

Science has shown that drinking wine, especially of the red variety, can actually be good for you, can be better than going to the gym, and even give you clearer skin, which has no doubt given you all the righteous justification you need to polish off a good bottle of Pinot Noir (or 3) on any given school night, but it hasn't been able to solve the wicked after-effects until now.

Research coming out of the University of Illinois recently published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology is pointing to a bio-engineered yeast that could be the answer to that soul-destroying morning-after headache. Not only that, this "jailbreaking" yeast also has the potential to increase the amount of resveratrol, the antioxidant compound that makes wine "healthy" by 10 times.

Without getting too science-y, the key to unlocking this magical yeast is what scientists are calling a "genome knife", a powerful enzyme capable of slicing across the complex genomes of the polyploid strains caused by fermentation, which up until now has been very difficult.

This "genome knife" would essentially result in fewer toxic byproducts (bye bye hangover) and could actually make any fermented food easier to digest and even taste better. And because this process is so precise,  scientist don't have to use antibiotic markers, making the whole GMO aspect much less objectionable as it reduces the danger of organisms developing antibiotic resistance.

So go science!


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