Winnipeg Jets Players Spotted Walking Hungover Downtown Montreal In The Morning

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On Sunday night, the Winnipeg Jets, set to face off against the Montreal Canadiens tonight at the Bell Centre, got supremely muff'd up in Montreal. How do we know? Well managed to snap some pics of the team, and lets just say that mass amounts of water bottles and a grim-defeated look on the faces of many players points to only one thing: an awful hangover. Trust, we're experts on the matter.

We can't take cred for the theory, as first made the claim, finding the Jets on the streets of Montreal and documenting their post-drank woes. According to the hockey site, the Jets had a new recruits party Sunday night, first having dinner at Da Vinci then heading to Muzique on St. Laurent. And if you're going to Muzique, you're getting a little shwastey, or more than a little.

Not every player seems to be in an utter state of despair, and since its been a full 24 hours since the team got Sunday-Funday drunk, it's likely even the most destroyed players spent the day recovering. Or not, hopefully, because I doubt people in Peggy (aka Winnipeg) know how to party like we do in Montreal. A two-day hangover isn't out of the realm of possibilities then.

Check out the full story and pictures at the original post.

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