Winter In Canada Is Worse Than Ever This Year

And it's only November.
Winter In Canada Is Worse Than Ever This Year

Every year when winter begins, Canadians complain a little bit. Then after a few weeks we get used to it and all that snow and ice seems like no big deal.

But this year, most Canadians are having a pretty hard time ignoring winter. It's only November and most of the country is far snowier and colder than it's supposed to be.

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It's really starting to feel like winter in Canada is worse than ever this year. But is it really? 

According to The Weather Network, you're not crazy. Winter has been extremely tough in Canada so far. 

We've had record shattering snowfalls and we have also recorded some of the coldest temperatures ever.

Canada has seen with every kind of extreme weather you could think of, and almost every single part of the country had been hit hard by winter so far.  

Manitoba already had -35°C temperatures, which is the coldest it’s been since 1859!

Calgary was hit with a record breaking 40cm snowfall.

Up north in Nunavut, they've already had 6 days in a row of record breaking -52°C temperatures!

Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador has seen a mind blowing 162cm of snow so far this year. 

All that, and it's only November! 

It's not even winter yet! In fact, we're a month away from the official start of winter on December 21st.

Why is this happening?

According to The Weather Network, this is caused by something called “cross polar flow”. Right now a jet stream is dragging artic air from both northern Canada and Siberia.

Worst part is that this is only a preview of the harsh winter Canada can expect this year.


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