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Winter Is Officially Cancelled In Montreal

A controversial decision from city hall.
Winter Is Officially Cancelled In Montreal

Some unusual news coming out of city hall this morning. It seems that Mayor Coderre has decided to officially cancel winter in Montreal this year.

Yes, it appears that after much debate, the mayor decided that snow was really annoying and costs way too much money to pick up anyways. So he figured that simply cancelling winter all together was the more efficient solution.

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We asked some citizens what they thought about the controversial decision and the responses were mixed:

  • "Why didn't we just do this last year?" - The janitor in my building
  • "Good, I didn't feel like shoveling snow this year anyways" - Some guy I saw outside
  • "What am I supposed to put my maple syrup on now?"- A guy who was wearing ice skates on the sidewalk for some reason.

Other cities are taking notice and are considering doing the same thing. A spokesperson for the city of Toronto said that he was really annoyed Montreal thought of this idea first. He also asked us what we were up to later and if we could hang out, y'know ... if we're not too busy.

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