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Winter Is Officially Over In Montreal

Only a few weeks left.
Winter Is Officially Over In Montreal

This morning I went through my normal routine. I put on some long johns under my clothes, grabbed the thickest sweater I could find and threw on my winter jacket. Then I went outside and I started sweating...

It is HOT out there, not like regular 'normal people' hot, but just hot compared to what we usually have to put up with.

We already had the mildest start to the winter in years, which is why we joked about winter being officially cancelled in Montreal, but it turns out there may be some truth to that.

According to The Weather Network, El-Niño will be keeping the temperatures warm for the next little while and winter could be completely over as early as March. That means we only have 5 more weeks of winter to put up with.

Just to give you a little taste of what's to come, today's high is going to be 5°C.

For more details on the upcoming weather check out this special report by The Weather Network.

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