Winter Sucks, I Think Montreal Should Build A Giant Dome Over The City

Forget the roads it's all about the dome.
Winter Sucks, I Think Montreal Should Build A Giant Dome Over The City

Here at MTLBlog we like to come up of insane project ideas and imagine what the city would look like if it actually happened.

In the past we've thought of several crazy ideas including:

But now we've thought of our most far fetched idea yet.

What if Montreal was covered by a dome.

Before you freak out, let me be clear.

We wouldn't be trapped in a dome like on the Simpsons. We would voluntarily place a dome over most of the island which could be exited at any time.

The first major change would be that Montrealers would not longer have anything to complain about since we can't bitch about the weather.

Though we would probably still complain about potholes.

But at least there would be fewer of them since we'd have fewer temperature changes (but no matter what there would still be potholes, since this is Montreal). Which brings me to my next point.

Weather control.

With a dome we can finally tell winter to kindly fuck off.

Don't get me wrong I loooooove snow. But it serves no purpose on the island of Montreal.

If I want snow I'll do what I do now, head to the Laurentians.

Think of all the money we'd save on snow removal and all the power outages we would avoid.

Plus, no more flooded underpasses, no more ice storms and no more blizzards!

But those aren't the only things we would have control over. We could make sure there aren't too many or too little insects. We could keep bees, but get rid of wasps, because fuck wasps.

The only thing is, Montreal can't be the ones who build it or it will be 10 time over budget. (You know it's true)

And smokers might be pissed off cause Mayor Coderre would probably declare that the whole island is now one giant non-smoking terrasse.

Sure, all of this is totally unrealistic, but just thinking about the possibility sure is entertaining.

What do you think would happen if the Island of Montreal was covered with a giant dome? Let us know in the comments!

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