Woman Detained By Police After Making A Bomb Joke On An Air Canada Flight

Well, that joke landed badly...
Woman Detained By Police After Making A Bomb Joke On An Air Canada Flight

Airports are on high alert for any threat to passengers. For a little over ten years now, since the attack on the Twin Towers, airport security has tightened to an extreme. Limits on liquid quantities, x-rayed bags, random checks... Airport security will stop at nothing to make sure that those boarding planes are safe.

Unfortunately,airport agents have a terrible sense of humour... Not that we can really blame them. If you've ever tried to joke around with airport security, you know that doesn't go over well.

And one woman found that out the hard way, when her flight to Montreal was delayed because of a bomb joke.

TL;DR A woman on a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Montreal delayed her flight by three hours on Tuesday night because she made a bomb joke to a flight attendant.

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According to an eyewitness, the woman, who was on board an Air Canada Rouge flight, made a joke to a flight attendant about an explosive in an overhead baggage. 

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The bomb squad was called in and the plante was evacuated, which led to a three hour delay in the flight. Security dogs combed through the plane and all baggage was inspected before passengers were allowed to re-board.

Air Canada stated that the woman has been detained for making an unfounded threat.


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