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Woman Flashes Pauline Marois And Other Charter Of Values Uproars

More people pissed off about the Charter of Values.
Woman Flashes Pauline Marois And Other Charter Of Values Uproars

A large majority of Quebecers are not happy with the Parti Quebecois' proposed Charter of Values. The Charter, which will ban goverment officials from wearing overt religious symbols (head scarves, turbans, etc.), has already sparked public outcry, and overt dissent keeps on coming. Here are a few notable movements and news stories on people being pissed off by the Charter of Values.

Yesterday, during the daily question period in Quebec's national assembly, a few lovely folk thought it was time to bare some skin in protest of the Charter of Values. While Premiere Pauline Marois answered an unrelated question, protesters began to strip down to their skivvies while shouting 'Crucifix get the hell out of here' in French. The chant is in regards to the fact that the Charter of Values will not effect Christian symbols (supposedly entrenched in Quebec's history) but will ban all other identifiers of other faiths. The large crucifix in the Quebec legislature's chambers will be untouched, with no other faith being safe. An unfair exception people literally tore off their clothes in disgusted response.

Everyone else in Quebec and Canada seems to feel the same way. Research company Ipsos Reid conducted a survey which found 62% of Quebecers opposed the Charter of Values, while 38% agreed. On a larger scale, 72% of all Canadians disagreed with a smaller 28% contingency approving. Only 1,305 Canadians were polled online over 2 days, so this is hardly accurate findings for the entirety of Canada, but the poll still shows how a large majority of the populace feels about the Charter of Values: it sucks.

As the Charter of Values gains even more momentum in Quebec, there will definitley be more demonstrations and protests against it. Do you agree with the stripper-protesters, health care professionals, and those polled by Ipsos Reid? Or are you in support of the PQ's Charter of Values? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source & Cover Photo Cred - CTV Montreal

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