Woman Gets Third Breast So That She Can Be On Tv

I don't totally recall where I've seen this before...
Woman Gets Third Breast So That She Can Be On Tv

Photo cred - Gawker

A Florida woman recently spent $20,000 to get herself a third boob implanted between her left and right ones. Now while most men would think that a third boob can only be a good thing (think Total Recall), Jasmine Tridevil, as she is known, actually did it to deter male suitors. She is just done with dating apparently.

Tridevil contacted more than 50 doctors to perform the surgery before finally finding one willing to bend the standard code of ethics. But what about that third nipple I hear you asking. Impossible to make a silicon recreation of a nipple, Tridevil did the next best thing and got one tattooed on the implant.

In a not so surprising twist of events, Tridevil's family hate the new addition, but she is hopeful to one day land her own MTV reality show.

Fingers crossed.




— Jasmine Tridevil (@JasmineTridevil) September 15, 2014

I'm sure she would be a hit in Montreal, don't you?


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