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Woman Gives Birth Inside Of A Quebec Walmart

This store really does have it all.
Woman Gives Birth Inside Of A Quebec Walmart

When it comes to babies, Walmart has it all. From formula to strollers to diapers, Walmart has a mother covered. And that includes when a mother is actually giving birth to a baby. 

Yesterday, in a Walmart in St-Hyacinthe, 39-year-old Annick Lepage-Pichette gave birth to her baby girl, reports TVA

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It all started when Lepage-Pichette, who had a week until her due date, was shopping through the aisles of Walmart Monday morning.

Suddenly, the pregnant woman started having contractions. Initially, Lepage-Pichette thought she could make it to a nearby hospital, only a couple of kilometres away. That wasn’t the case, because this baby was coming out, and fast. 

At around 11am, Lepage-Pichette called out for assistance and the Walmart employees on-hand at the time stepped up to the plate. 

Issuing out a “Code White” (which signals an accident or a medical emergency, not specifically a pregnancy) several employees rushed to the aid of Lepage-Pichette. 

Moving the mother behind some clothing displays and propping her up on Walmart-provided sheets and pillows, the store’s staff made a makeshift delivery room. 

Not long after (it only took three pushes, apparently) a 7.1 pound baby girl entered the world… and her first glimpses of life outside the womb were of a Quebec Walmart. 

This isn’t Lepage-Pichette’s first unconventional delivery, either. The mother’s first-born was delivered in the back of an ambulance, unable to make it to the hospital in time. 

Those Lepage-Pichette kids don’t wait for anything. 

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