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Woman Who Wrote "How To Murder Your Husband" Story Has Just Been Arrested For Actually Killing Her Husband

Typically when you're reading a fictional piece of writing, the beauty of it is that the story will always remain on the page.

Especially when it comes to mythical or historical stories filled with dangerous scenes. As readers we can appreciate the tale but are pretty thankful that once we walk away, we aren't left in fear of anything coming to life.

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This is especially relevant when it comes to the murder and suspense genre. Enough of us have read Stephen King to agree it's for the best to keep these events inside the book. 

One author might not have recieved that memo though, as she literally re-created an essay she wrote, titled "How To Murder Your Husband".

Yes, even though writing something this morbid is literally screaming danger, the self-published novelist has been charged for killing her husband back in June of this year. 

In 2012, author Nancy Crampton-Brophy told a blog during an interview that "murder, mayhem and gore" came naturally to her and that her "husband has learned to sleep with one eye open."

Not to mention she is also known for writing the novels The Wrong Husband and Girl Most Likely To.

Seriously, did no one see this coming?! Her husband must have felt at least the slightest concern over her title choices before his untimely demise.

In an even more blood-chilling twist of events, Crampton-Brophy made a Facebook status just one day after she murdered her husband. What's terrifying though is that she had not yet been caught. Read it for yourself:

This was only hours after she had shot her husband in the kitchen of a culinairy institute in Portland, Oregon. The couple had been married for 26 years before Crampton-Brophy turned her fictional horror into a reality.

The essay has since been made private, but the jist is that there were pages full of different motives and weapons one could use if they were ever in a scenario where they were planning to murder their husband.

Maybe it's time to start paying more attention to what people are writing and what their true intentions really are? Perhaps not every fictional story should just be taken at it's face value anymore. 


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