Women Are Speaking Out Against Random Montreal Men Who Harass Them On The Street

Time and place, people!
Women Are Speaking Out Against Random Montreal Men Who Harass Them On The Street

Every woman has probably had at least one experience when she's been cat-called, hit on, approached by a stranger or even asked out randomly.

Although occasionally there are exceptions, more often than not this is a super unappreciated encounter that typically ends with an exchange of awkward words. 

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For Montreal women it's gotten a bit out of hand to just let it fly.

According to one reddit user, the men of Montreal seriously need to stop confronting random women on the street to ask them out.

The person explains that it's a lot worse than you may think.

Men have taken to flagging women down that obviously look like they're uninterested in conversation (earbuds in, powerwalking down the street) just to ask for their number. 

Seriously, there's a time and place for everything. Chasing a woman down the road for a date is not it.

The reddit user adds that if she were approached in a coffee shop or at a bar, the exchange would possibly be more positive, as that's usually where people don't mind striking a conversation with a friendly stranger. 

The problem with men attempting to engage in a social interaction with uninterested women in the streets of Montreal is that it decreases a woman's likelihood of stopping for someone in future, someone who may actually need help.

If you thought this woman stood alone with her concerns and much-needed rant, think again.

There's been quite the outpour of comments from other women in the city agreeing that men have taken it to an extreme (and very unwanted) level. 

It doesn't stop there, even men are agreeing with women that some exchanges they've seen on the streets and the STM while the woman is visibly occupied and uninterested is just... well, creepy. 

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The overall consensus is that Montreal isn't stopping you from finding love, just pick a better place to look for it.


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