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Women Who Eat Chocolate Before Going To Bed Can Lose Weight While Sleeping

A new diet discovery that seems too good to be true.
Women Who Eat Chocolate Before Going To Bed Can Lose Weight While Sleeping

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Ladies get ready for some diet news which really does sound too good to be true, as you can, apparently, eat chocolate, pizza and ice cream, and still lose a hot mess of weight. Lecturer and researcher at the University of Florida, Professor John Barban, claims this fact is true, outlined in his weight-loss program "The Venus Factor."

After supposedly researching the female metabolism for ten years, Barban found that women have double the amount of Leptin in their systems compared to men. Leptin is the hormone that regulates the body's fat composition and metabolic rate, and influencing the inherently high Leptin level in women is the crux of Barban's weight loss strategy.

According to Barban, eating less calories makes Leptin levels go down, which results in weight loss plateaus. Foods dubbed "healthy", like tofu, which are low in calories, decrease Leptin levels and therefore inhibit weight loss, whereas desirable higher calorie food, such as pizza and ice cream, can jump start a woman's metabolic rate in a reverse process.

So basically, Barban recommends that in order for women to increase their Leptin levels, they should be eating special high-calorie foods that will make their bodies constantly burn fat, even while sleeping.

That's where things get very infomercial-y, as the Venus Factor website alludes to "one cheat food trick" and uses semi-scientific terms like "strategic eating" without actually divulging any concrete information, and even includes some classic infomercial "bonus" gifts. Obviously Barban is withholding information so female dieters will purchase the Venus Factor System for $47, a nutrition plan worth $698.99, if the price slash on the website is to be believed.

So is Barban's suspiciously amazing diet-plan to be believed? Well, we can't disprove The Venus Factor, and apparently the author of this article stands by it (which looks a little sketchy to us) but it kind of seems like the whole thing is playing off of women's desire to lose weight but also eat delicious foods they crave-able during regular diets, like pizza, chocolate, and ice cream.

Try out The Venus Factor if you're really looking for a new diet, for all we know it could really work. The quality of the website makes us think otherwise.

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