Word On The Street: "I Was Only #Coderring Because I Was #Inadrunkenstupor"

Canadian mayors dominate what's in the world of words this week.
Word On The Street: "I Was Only #Coderring Because I Was #Inadrunkenstupor"

Modern language, slang, and words are always changing, and the internet has only upped the rate of change. How often do you find random hashtags, terms, or phrases that you have no clue what the mean, or what they reference? Don't feel stupid, it happens. Gamers, gossipers, and everyone on the internet has free reign to say whatever they want, even if the words they're using aren't 'real.' To help you keep up to date on all the best lingo, I Michael D'Alimonte and MTL Blog bring you 'Word On The Street,' your best resource for what people are saying.

Think Urban Dictionary, only better written, more relevant, and just plain better as a whole. Our first entry, inspired by Canada's most prolific mayors: #Coderring + #Inadrunkenstupor



The act of wearing a stupid grin on your face, turned either to the right or the left, while winking at a person or camera. A double chin adds to the look. Originated by Dennis Coderre during election day of the Montreal 2013 municipal elections, the Twitter-sphere of Montreal busted out with people's own version of the fugly face, for comic effect and to basically express disinterest/dislike for their latest elected official.

Can be used anytime one wishes to look overconfident, cocky, stupid, or just plain douchey in general. Best used when mocking any government official, or someone who is deluded enough to think that a winky-smile-face is a hot look.



When you are so drunk, that you lose all sense of reason, and decide smoking crack is your only option. Few people can attain this level of wasted, and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is the only documented case. Do not attempt unless you have friends and family present, are far away from any nearby crack dens, and never if anyone has a camera to record you.

Usually prefaced by a long series of lies and excuses avoiding an issue, with #inadrunkenstupor used as a final cop-out.

Specifically in reference to the outrageous claim that Rob Ford only smoked crack because he was wasted, the term can also be hilariously used to get out of anything stupid you may have/haven't actually done.

e.g. "Yes, officer, I did try to sell drugs to those toddler, but only because I was #inadrunkenstupor"

Results may vary. If all else fails, look to this meme:

#Coderring and #Inadrunkenstupor show just how Montrealers and Torontonians feel about their mayors. See 'No fucks given' and 'Hilariously Embarrassing' as a solid reference.

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