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World Record For Biggest Open-Air Skating Rink Falls. Montreal's 6,550 KM Ice Sidewalk Takes 1st Place!

Montreal is no stranger to world records.

Actually, the city holdsabout 14 of them, and it looks like we just broke a new one.

Until this morning, it was believed that the largest outdoor ice skating rink was the Rideau Canal in Ottawa at 7.8 kilometers. But Montreal just obliterated that record.

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That's because Montreal is now officially the world's largest ice skating rink. Yes, all of it. Including the 6,550 km of sidewalk in the city.

This ice rink is truly one of a kind. This place has everything! Except salt, we're all out of salt.

But there are unlimited amenities surrounding the ice rink including: Restaurants, places to shop, your apartment, and best of all, admission is 100% free.

On the other hand, the only thing you'll find around the Rideau Canal are drinks and snack bars. That simply can't compare to all the fine dining options offered to you by the Montreal Ice Rink.

It's the only ice rink in the world that features indoor pools, more than 300 places to buy poutine, and a fully functional metro system so you can zip from one side of the rink to the other.

The research for this record was inspired by a tweet we saw this morning. Once we managed to stop laughing, we knew we had to write an article about it.

World record for biggest open ice ring has fallen. The 6550 km sidewalk of Montreal takes the first place from Ottawa Rideau canal

— IdentityMonk (@IdentityMonk) January 24, 2017

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