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World's Largest Ice Carousel In Abitibi Is Most Quebec Thing You'll See All Winter (Video)

It's 209.7 metres in diameter!
World's Largest Ice Carousel In Abitibi Is Most Quebec Thing You'll See All Winter (Video)

If you've never heard of an ice carousel, today is your lucky day. Get ready to behold one of the coolest and strangest winter pastimes for people who make the icy cover of lakes their home come wintertime. A group in Abitibi, Quebec, has actually managed to snatch up the record for world's largest ice carousel last week when they set their massive 34,307 square metre circle spinning on December 7, 2019. And that's essentially all an ice carousel is: just a disc of ice that is cut away from the rest of the icy surface of a lake.

What makes it a carousel is getting the circle of ice to spin, usually by cutting a hole in it, popping a boat motor in the hole and letting the rest take care of itself.

The first large-scale ice carousel was created by Janne Käpylehto in Helsinki, Finland. He shared the process with the world when he uploaded a video of his family creating the ice carousel to YouTube in 2017. You can watch that below, too.

Since then, as mankind is oft to do, people have been attempting to best Käpylehto by creating larger and larger ice carousels wherever lake ice freezes thick enough to get away with it.

Before the Quebecers, seen in the video below, completed their massive ice carousel, a group in Finland had held the record for largest ice carousel, and second place was held by a group in Minnesota.

But these guys from Abitibi have just put Quebec on the ice carousel map.

Take a look at this awesome video that shows the whole process of creating the massive ice carousel, which is six times bigger than a football field, out in Clerval, Quebec.

I think my favourite part is that Quebec flag proudly waving in the middle the whole time. 

These guys are my new heroes.

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And if you can't get enough of this weird and wonderful winter pastime, here's the original video of Janne Käpylehto's first-ever ice carousel.

According to World Ice Carousel Association's website (which has yet to be updated with our Abitibi boys at the top of the list), Janne Käpylehto even held a party on his ice carousel, with a bonfire and a band!

According to the CBC, a group in Minnesota has already said they are going to be creating their own, bigger ice carousel in early January, meaning this proud title could soon be lost.

But, as we know very well, winter is long.

And there's always next year.

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