Wow! A $4,000,000 Montreal Le Plateau Apartment That Screams "I'm Rich Bitch"

Money buys happiness when it looks like this.
Wow! A $4,000,000 Montreal Le Plateau Apartment That Screams "I'm Rich Bitch"

Photo cred - mypaint

Every once in awhile I come across a residence that completely redefines the word luxury. But when I'm looking at a what I think is marvelous home and it turns out to be a loft apartment, my brain simply explodes. Well after I was done cleaning pieces of my brain off the floor I decided to feature this insanely extravagant apartment from My Paint for your enjoyment.

This $4,000,000 loft takes up an entire floor to itself which is accessible through a semi-private elevator (only services 1 other unit) which stand behind large iron gates. The entire floor is made of marble, the dining room table is big enough to host a UN meeting and the entire place looks like the apartment from American Psycho on crack.

The bathrooms look like mini Roman bathhouses and there's one for every room. One of the room even features a connected en-suite bathroom partially separated by a glass fireplace that greets you as you step out of the shower. The rooftop terrace is spectacular and the place comes with it's own wine cellar.

Dear god, I hope the owner is looking for a roommate.

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