You Can Fly From Montreal To Europe For $150 This Spring

Even earlier than expected.
You Can Fly From Montreal To Europe For $150 This Spring

If there's one negative to living in Montreal (and Canada at-large) it's that air fare is always pretty pricey. No matter where you're heading, whether it's abroad or within the nation, a flight will cost you some serious dollars.

But cross Europe off that expensive-list, as WOW Air is making a flight from Montreal to the continent across the Atlantic ocean quite affordable. And sooner than we all thought.

Back in October, WOW Air wowed us all with promises of incredibly affordable flights to Iceland ($99) and the much-more-exciting offer of one-way trips to Europe (Berlin, Barcelona, Copenhagen, London, and Paris are among the 15 current destinations) for $149.

Nothing has changed on that front, but the affordable airline has moved up their launch schedule, with cheap flights from Montreal to Europe starting on May 4th, eight days earlier than before, notes CBC.

We can even look forward to more flights, too. Once Air WOW launches, there will be five flights heading out from Pierre Eliot Trudeau Airport each week, a small jump up from the previous four slated to be offered.

Now, news of relatively cheap flights to Europe is pretty damn exciting, but you should keep in mind that the $149 price is the lowest price Air WOW advertises. Charges can fluctuate depending on the time of year and the destination, so you might not always get that $150-ish ticket price. Still better than what Air Canada offers though.