WTF Madonna Is Coming To Montreal This September!?

Sources say a Bell Centre performance is happening.
WTF Madonna Is Coming To Montreal This September!?

Photo cred - Robson 72

Say what you will about Madonna's (too?) long lifespan in the world of pop, no one can deny the woman is royalty in the world of music and any city would be/should be grateful to have her perform. Montreal may be so lucky, as various sources have been alluding to a Bell Centre performance set for this September. What's irking us though, is nothing is set in stone, and the notion has us (well, me) on our knees Like A Prayer.

The ongoing almost-not-a-rumour-because-everyone-is-saying-the-same-thing is that Madonna will be rocking it Like A Virgin at the Bell Centre in the second week of September. La Presse has gone on the record to say that Madonna will be at the Bell Centre, blowing your mind like a Ray of Light, with other sources alluding to the same.

Bolstering the claim that Madonna is coming to Montreal this September is how the Material Girl's 2015 tour page even shared La Presse's article, saying "Montreal in mid-September?" That's almost enough for this guy to get his Vogue on in celebration, followed by 4 Minutes of happy dancing.

I'm not too Hung Up on this being a simple rumour, because this isn't just a one-stop show, but will be a part of a Madonna World Tour, with media sources saying "Madonna wants to pull out all the stops" all over North America, and obvi Montreal would be included. So Papa Don't Preach, we're next to certain Madonna will be in Montreal in 2015, if not September then at some point.