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X-Men Spotted Filming Movie In Montreal (10 Photos)

Lights, Camera, ACTION!
X-Men Spotted Filming Movie In Montreal (10 Photos)

If you were walking around in Montreal last week then you may have been lucky enough to spot a pretty important chess match. 

No, the city wasn't hosting a chess competition or anything; this was an epic chess match between two formidable foes: Professor X and Magneto!

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That's right, several members of the cast of X-Men Dark Phoenix are currently in town filming some reshoots for the movie. 

Sophie Turner who also plays Sanza Stark in Game of Thrones was spotted last week filming some fight scenes with Jessica Chastain. And now it's time for James McAvoy (Professor X) and Michael Fassbender (Magneto) to be in the spotlight. 

Check out the 10 photos right here: 

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The two were spotted filming one of their infamous chess games at a café in Montreal.

In the past, every X-Men movie has featured a chess match except for "X-Men: Apocalypse". And in all those movies there has only ever been one winner, Professor X. But to be fair he can read minds so you just have to trust that he isn't cheating. 

In this scene it's apparently Magneto that approaches Professor X with a chess board, so I guess we can assume that in this movie Magneto and Professor X will be friends. Then again you just never know with these two.  


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