Last week we spotted a Montrealer who clearly didn't give a crap about the snow and kept driving his Lamborghini anyways.

Of course even with winter tires and all wheel drive, driving a Lambo in the winter is simply impossible when the streets aren't properly plowed, as many of our readers pointed out in the comment section.

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The owner of this  2017 Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SV, wasn't foolish enough to drive his car in the snow. Not that he would have been able to. According to an employee at Lamborghini the battery died and the car needed to be taken to the dealership before being driven again. 

Via Adam D'Avella

When Adam D'Avella snapped the photo, he said:

"Yea I’m curious what it was doing on the flatbed the car might have been on too because the lights were on and wipers going"

Of course if you're out in the country in Europe, you can take advantage of all that snow some pull off some pretty awesome donuts