You And Your Friends Can Play Archery Tag At This Montreal Spot

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a bow.
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You And Your Friends Can Play Archery Tag At This Montreal Spot

It's tough to find fun activities that can genuinely be enjoyed by the whole family. Even harder to find activities that all your friends will enjoy. So instead of planning your next group activity in someone's basement, go here. 

Now, there's a place in Montreal where everyone can spend a day and have the best time ever. That place is Dodgebow. Yes, you read that right — dodge. bow. 

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TL;DR  Dodgebow is the newest family archery-tag centre where friends and family will have an amazing time shooting each other in the head. Dodgebow Montreal also offers Nerf gun tag and light sword duelling!

Dodgebow sessions last one hour and groups can play up to six rounds per session. You can go alone or as a group, but let's face it, this would be way more fun as a group. If you've had your fill of Dodgebow, the same facility offers 'Nerf Hero', Nerf gun tag, and 'The Force Academy', light sword combat. 

Dodgebow tickets start at $24.95. Same for 'Nerf Hero' and 'The Force Academy.' Games can have four to 24 people, but the managers suggest groups of 8 to 15 are ideal. There are group rates and party packages available on their website. 

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You can find them at 4767 Dagenais St. #202. If you've ever wanted to shoot your friends in the head or slice them in half with a light sword, all in a safe environment, book your party at Dodgebow today! 

Check them out here!

Happy hunting!

Teddy Elliot
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