You Are Owed $20 From A Canadian Class Action Lawsuit, Here's How To Get It

Pay attention Canada because this isn't the kind of news you hear every day.

Courts in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec have approved a class action lawsuit settlement worth $49.8 million, and this is your last chance to get a piece of the settlement before it's too late

That's because you only have a few days left to file claim.

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TL;DR A minimum of $20 is owed to every single person in the country who purchased a TV between March 1, 1995 and November 2007. No proof necessary to claim the minimum amount, however more money can be claimed with proof.

The final date to make a  claim in March 1st 2019!

Everyone in Canada who purchased either of the following products between March 1, 1995 and November 25, 2007 are entitled to a settlement:

  • CRT televisions
  • CRT computer monitors
  • CRTs for inclusion in televisions or computer monitors

So what's a CRT? It's a display commonly used in televisions and computer monitors.

To be clear:You can claim a piece of this settlement without proof of purchase. The minimum payment is $20, but you can claim more if you have proof of purchase. You can also click here and check out the FAQ section to confirm you are entitles to a refund.

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