You Can Actually Kayak With Whales In Quebec This Summer

Ride the waves among these glorious sea giants.
You Can Actually Kayak With Whales In Quebec This Summer

Quebec is the largest province in Canada, meaning there are so many events and experiences that take place in this land we call home that you just can't keep track of them all. Some locations and excursions are almost "secret" just because of the fact that they're so overlooked or simply unknown.

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In the St. Lawrence River alone, there are multiple species of whale and other sea animals such as dolphins and seals. To catch a glimpse of a giant whale as it smacks it tail against the water's surface would definitely be a breathtaking moment that you may only experience once in your life.

But typically whale watching tours on commercial boats have many down sides that make people skip out on this unbelieveable experience. First off, the tickets to join a whale watching excurison are ridiculously priced, and usually the boat is so over-crowded with tourists you can't get in that special moment of being face-to-face with the biggest mammal on earth.

But, what if there was a way you actually could? A total one-on-one moment next to a giant whale that is literally within arms reach from you, that also won't rob your wallet? Turns out you totally can.

Whale-watching kayaking tours are a incredible experience that allows you to travel out onto the waters in a bunch of different National parks in Quebec to get a front row seat with gorgeous views of both the water and the surrounding marine life. Just imagine watching a whale surface the water right beside your kayak! This is an exhilarating experience you don't want to miss out on.

The Bergeronnes region of Quebec is the absolute best for this type of activity. The rocky bluffs along the coast are dotted with several camping areas, so if you're looking for a longer vacation you can end your whale-watching days in your tent by a  nice, cozy fire. If you're looking to spot a beluga whale then you'll have to go to the Baie-de-Tadoussac region. Kayakers have even said while making their way along the rivière Saguenay they've caught glimpses of smiling belugas greeting them on their way by! 

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Further North at the Gaspé Peninsula you'll find not only blue whales (the biggest mammal on earth) but some curious seals as well! Forillon National Park holds guided kayaking excursions all Summer long for those who are determined to witness a whale up close and personal. This is the perfect adventure for anyone to go on at least once in their life, so what are you waiting for! Quebec is truly a magical place for those adventurous enough to explore it.

You can book your sea kayaking excursion with Forillon National Park HERE.

To take a look at the entire directory for whale watching adventures, click HERE.


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