You Can Be Fined Up To $750 For Feeding A Racoon In Montreal

Not as cute as they appear!
You Can Be Fined Up To $750 For Feeding A Racoon In Montreal

Montreal is experiencing a serious raccoon problem this summer. I mean, they're everywhere and they travel in packs.

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Although raccoons have a cute little button nose and beady eyes, looks are extremely deceiving. These things can be vicious, especially when hungry.

To make matters worse, the city-dwelling raccoons seem to have developed a complete immunity to the presence of humans. They aren't at all scared by us. That's when it becomes an even bigger issue. Check out this crazy video of a gang of raccoons trying to break into a Montrealers home here.

That said, the city of Montreal is attempting to control the raccoon situation, and as such have put up signs on the mountain urging people to NOT feed the raccoons.

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The unfortunate consequence of feeding wild animals is that they become accustomed to it and will slowly begin to approach people and tourist on their own. Don't forget, these are wild animals that potentially carry diseases, why would you teach them to want to approach people?

That said, I was curious about the repercussions of feeding wild urban dwellers and found out from the City Of Montreal Official site that feeding any wild animal in the city carries a hefty fine of  $300 to $600; or a fine of $500 to $750 for a second infraction. Let me repeat myself: it's not worth it. Just don't feed the animals.

The city even has a hotline to deal with live or dead wild animals on your property, all you have to do is dial 311 for assistance.

Don't forget to send us any crazy urban animals videos, we want to see them!


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