You Can Bring Marijuana With You On Airplanes In Canada

Starting October 2017.
You Can Bring Marijuana With You On Airplanes In Canada

Wait, What? 

No seriously. Weed won't be legalized until next year, but CASTA, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority are saying that starting next week, it will be possible to bring weed with you on an airplane when arriving to Canada, without having to worry about getting arrested. 

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According to TVACASTA sent out memos to their supervisors which read:

Beginning October 2017, the police will only be called in the following cases: If the marijuana has been abandoned at one of the safety check points, or if the quantity of marijuana exceeds what can be fit in a 1L Bag. 

The reason for the change is that more and more people are bringing medical marijuana with them and checking all those prescriptions and distinguishing between legal and illegal weed is simply too much of a hassle. 

***But just to be clear***

The change only goes into effect October 1st 2017

Marijuana is still illegal in Canada, at least until next July.

DO NOT try to bring marijuana into another country. CASTA only oversees bag checks for luggage arriving into Canada. 

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