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You Can Do Yoga For FREE At Montreal's Mountain-Top Cafe

Pure beauty.
You Can Do Yoga For FREE At Montreal's Mountain-Top Cafe

A couple of weeks ago we announced the opening of a very unique and new cafe/bar set to open up on top of Mont-Royal.

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Cafe Suspendu du Mont-Royal has officially been open all summer now and looking at their social media pages, I'm happy to say it looks like the concept is working really well! Montrealers seem to really be enjoying this new space.

Via cafesuspendu2018

The cafe hosts family-friendly activities and events during the summer, you can check out their Facebook page for a list of all the events, but one in particular really caught our eye! 

Every Sunday morning until early fall you can attend a totally free yoga session hosted by this lovely cafe.

For all you yoga fans out there, it's "bring your own mat" style yoga and it starts every Sunday at 10:30am.

If yoga isn't your thing, the cafe also regularly hosts "5 a 7" style hangouts where they offer a menu of refreshing summer drinks and cocktails and a DJ even comes to spin some tunes. Here's a look at the menu!

Via cafesuspendu2018

@cafe_suspenduembedded via  

Considering that there is no specific street address to this place, Cafe Suspendu released this helpful map of Mont-Royal park on their Facebook page to help you easily locate the cafe.

Basically, the fastest way to get there is to start at Monument Sir George Etienne Cartier - where Tam Tam is - and follow the yellow path to the cafe. It's a relatively easy walk up, about 14 minutes long.  

Also important to note that the cafe is only open Friday through to Sunday! It closes at 9pm each day, so it's a great spot to watch the sunset.

Via cafesuspendu2018

For more information check out their official Facebook page HERE!

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