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You Can Now Eat Dinner Inside An "Abandoned Castle" Close To Montreal

Make your fairytale dreams come true.
You Can Now Eat Dinner Inside An "Abandoned Castle" Close To Montreal

Growing up I was totally obsessed with Disney princesses. I mean, what little kid didn't love watching the Belle, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty and all the others getting to dress up in beautiful dresses and live their fairytale lives? 

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Fantasizing about that "fairytale ending" happening in your future occupied almost all of our young minds because the idea of meeting your Prince Charming was exciting! 

If all that was true for you as well, you'll be pretty excited to hear that you can make all of your dreams come true in REAL LIFE at this stunning abandoned castle! 

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The fairytale castle is located in Little Falls, New York just 4 hours away from Montreal! You can eat dinner in the grand dining room and feel like you just stepped into your dream come true. It's called Beardslee Castle and it's totally worth the trip across the border! 

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The castle was originally built in 1860 by Augustus Beardslee and was modeled after an Irish castle. Unfortunately, 2 fires took place at this castle since it's construction but each time it was built back up to display it's full beauty.

It's a dream location for your fairytale wedding, or you can just come and enjoy a delicious meal from their weekly rotating menu. 

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