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You Can Explore The Largest Ice Caves In The Canadian Shield For Less Than $30 This Winter

If you are looking for an awesome out-of-the-box winter activity, look no further than Arbraska-Lafleche, Quebec's own ice caves!

The park also offers a GPS scavenger hunt on snowshoes, a 470-foot zip line, and the chance to warm up next to a cozy bonfire with some hot chocolate.

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TL;DR Groupon now has a sale on tickets to explore the largest visitable cave in the Canadian Shield. Get the details on the guided tour and the Groupon prices below!

Adventure company Arbraska has a park located in Lafleche, Quebec, where you can explore the biggest cave open to visitors in the Canadian Shield.

The park is just 30 minutes north of Ottawa or a 3-hour drive from Montreal. 

Called "The Snowman's Adventure," the package includes three fabulous winter activities for the whole family.

First,do a Discovery Tour of the cave, a world 20,000 years in the making.

Then,head to a Nature Rally on snowshoes through a beautiful winter forest where you follow a GPS and solve riddles to reach the end of the quest.

After,reward yourself with The Zipline that will give you a huge rush of adrenaline along with a breathtaking view of the park from above the trees.

Finish off with a hot chocolate beside a roaring bonfire.

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On Groupon right now, the Snowman's Adventure is only $29 for one person or $55 for two.

Or, bring the whole family, because even for four guests it's only $99! Though children must be over the age of 5 to participate.

All equipment is included in the cost of purchase, whether you do the Snowman's Adventure or opt for just a snowshoe through the woods.

Other Cave Tours include "The Explorer Tour," which is a two-hour long exploration of the cave and its smallest passages, or the "Geological Tour," offered specially for school groups. 

You can even SLEEP inside the cave!! Children have to be 8 years of age or older and the cave stays at 4 degrees Celsius so you're on the hook for bringing proper camping gear. There is the opportunity to make a bonfire and listen to stories about the history of the cave from your tour guide. 

A comment on the Groupon page gave the experience 5 out of 5 stars, saying:

"The cave was surprisingly better than expected. Be prepared to be patient with a bit of waiting between the 3 events. Snowshoe trails are in a beautiful and silent forest. Worth the Groupon rate for sure."

Get all the details on Arbraska Lafleche's full site. Arbraksa also has locations six other adventure locations in Ontario and five across Quebec.

Capitalize on the Groupon prices here.

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