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You Can Get 150 Drinks For Only $40 In Montreal

And it's not the cheap stuff, either
You Can Get 150 Drinks For Only $40 In Montreal

Everyone loves a good local beer, as evidenced by the breweries that are popping up everywhere in Montreal and beyond. The multitude of options in Montreal means that you could spend each weekend at a new microbrasserie. Unfortunately, this habit can get a little expensive. 

Luckily, Le Passeport des Microsbrasseries is back for the third year in a row, and we're so excited! The passport gives you access to 45 microbrasseries in Montreal and beyond for a very good price. No need to break the bank while looking for the perfect beer.

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TL;DR Check out the Passeports des Microbrasseries here to purchase your passport, which gives you access to 150 drinks for only $40. You have until October 2019 to use your passport, so get drinking!

The Passeports des Microbrasseries wants to put the spotlight on socially-responsable, hand-crafted beers from local microbrasseries. The passport is good for one person, but if you buy three you get one for free.

This is a great thing to buy for yourself, but it also makes for a gift that your hoppy-beer-obsessed friend will love. The passport gives you access to over 150 different beers and has a value of $300.

Some microbrasseries that are participating are well-known to Montrealers, and include local favourites like Les 3 Brasseurs, Pub West-Shefford, and St-Ambroise. It also spotlights great breweries outside of the city, like Le Trou du Diable. 

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Make sure to order yours soon, because you have until October 31, 2019 to use it. 

Have fun, Montreal!


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