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You Can Get A Christmas Tree Practically Free At IKEA Canada

The best deal in Canada!
You Can Get A Christmas Tree Practically Free At IKEA Canada

It's almost December which means it's offically time to decorate those Christmas trees.

If you're looking for great quality tree without spending too much money, look no further than IKEA. 

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TL;DR - When you buy a tree at IKEA for $25 you get a $25 gift card for free! 

Not many people know this secret, but IKEA sells some amazing looking Christmas trees for one flat price. That mean no matter how big or small your tree is, you just pay $25. 

But this year you can get a Christmas tree at IKEA practically for free! 

Here's how: 

When you buy a Christmas tree for $25, IKEA will give you a free coupon for $25 off a future purchase!

This offer is only available with the purchase of fresh natural fir trees and is not valid for artificial trees.

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Plus when you buy a tree at IKEA, they will donate a portion of the sales to support Tree Canada.

The coupon can be redeemed for any purchase of $100 or more December 26 and February 28, 2019.

Click here for more info.  

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