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You Can Get An "Abortion Pill" In Quebec Starting This Week

Not the morning after pill.
You Can Get An "Abortion Pill" In Quebec Starting This Week

Starting tomorrow, Friday Dec. 15th, the “abortion pill” will be made available in Quebec. 

To be covered by the Quebec Health Insurance Plan, news of the abortion pill’s public release came yesterday from Health Minister Gaétan Barrette, reports The Canadian Press

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Speaking at the National Assembly, Barrette outlined some regulations that will be in place when a patient seeks out a prescription for Mifegymiso, commonly referred to as the “abortion pill.”

The abortion pill will only be an option during the first 63 days/nine weeks of a pregnancy. A doctor’s appointment and ultrasound will also be required, the latter performed to check the state of the fetus and ensure the abortion pill will not pose any risk to the woman involved. 

For example, Mifegymiso is not to be taken when the pregnancy is outside of the uterus, an ectopic pregnancy. 

After going through those required screenings, the patient will be allowed to take the abortion pill at home under their own supervision. 

Being forced to see a doctor and go through an ultrasound could be a stressful experience for a woman considering abortion. Barette, however, stressed that the required doctor’s meeting is meant to ensure the woman involved is making “an informed decision.” 

The appointment, said Barette, is “never to influence the woman’s choice” and is also “to make sure the woman does not undergo undue pressure.”

Unlike the “morning after pill,” the abortion pill requires a doctor’s prescription and follow-up meetings with a medical professional to prevent any subsequent complications. 

By providing a route for women to have an abortion that does not involve surgery, the abortion pill is actually poised to save the province money. Mifegymiso is not expected to be an added toll on taxpayers with this in mind. 

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