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You Can Get $1 Dumplings Until 3 A.M. Tonight In Montreal

This is a one-time promotion!
You Can Get $1 Dumplings In Montreal Tonight

Dumplings are a favourite dish to many a Montrealer. These heavenly little bit-size balls of dough are known for their savoury and sweet flavour. This dish has become a go-to meal for many of us thanks to the plethora of amazing dumpling spots in Montreal — they make it easy to kick that craving. 

Today, Thursday, September 26, marks National Dumpling Day and to celebrate, one Montreal location will be offering $1 dumplings until the early morning!

"Dumpling lovers, this evening is for you!" announces the the Snowbird Tiki Bar on rue St-Hubert.

The offer is limited to 6 dumplings per customer, which is the perfect amount for a snack! 

There is, however, a small catch. To be able to purchase their mouth-watering dumplings at 1$, you must first purchase a drink. 

This isn’t the worst thing because this eatery is known for its creative beverages, most of which are served in cool Tiki style glasses. The tasty and colourful drinks will cost you on average $14 plus tax, according to Narcity Québec.

Some other drink options available at this establishment include $8 beers (plus tax) and, if you are feeling fancy, bubbles and wines at $45! 

If you're still feeling peckish after your dumpling snack, you can also order from a selection of other appetizers, like Crab Rangoon, fish tacos and pork buns.

For those of you who have never been to The Snowbird Tiki Bar, expect a tropical oasis hidden within the concrete jungle of Montreal. Here, the "summer air blows all year long" at this "haven of peace," says the bar Facebook page.

Take advantage of this one-day opportunity to fill up your tummy with plump dumplings at a very reasonable price. 

$1 Dumplings at The Snowbird Tiki Bar

Price: $1

Address:6388 rue St-Hubert

When:Thursday, September 26; 7:00 pm – 3:00 am 

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