You Can Get $1 Tacos At This Mexican Restaurant In Montreal For The Rest Of The Summer

Take a trip to Mexico without leaving the city!
You Can Get $1 Tacos At This Mexican Restaurant In Montreal For The Rest Of The Summer

Montreal's culturally diverse food options are some of the best in the country. In each borough you can find a different type of cuisine to satisfy your cravings, and scattered across the city are hidden and overlooked restaurants with some of the best food (and deals) you'll never find anywhere else.

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Although some restaurants that offer the authentic, real-deal cultural eats can be on the pricey side, making it difficult to fully enjoy your meal without worrying about how much you'll be spending. That's why it's important to know about the best of the best in the city that also have insanely low prices.

Luckily, if you love Mexican food (which you definitely do) there's just that right here in Montreal.

Mexico Restaurant Mtl offers the best prices you could ever find on food. Tacos are only $1 every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at this authentic spot.

When you enter the restaurant you'll seriously feel as if you've traveled to Mexico. The rich culture is proudly displayed and servers will even speak to you in Spanish if that's your cup of tea.

The tacos aren't the only main food attraction at this place. This is the only spot you need to go for unbelievably delicious nachos, churros, and even "Mexican-style" pizza! You don't want to miss out on the food here. 

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Now that you know about the incredibly cheap prices for tacos, you've just found your new go-to place for authentic Mexican food. You may want to hurry up though, because who knows if these deals will still be here once Summer's over.

For more information about Mexico Restaurant Mtl, click HERE.

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