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You Can Get Free BBQ On Montreal's Boulevard Saint-Laurent Next Week

Did someone say free food?
You Can Get Free BBQ On Montreal's Boulevard Saint-Laurent Next Week

Food is awesome, but it’s even better when it’s free. Am I right?


Well guys, I’m about to tell you how you can get some free noms. Ever heard of the GOLO app? Of course you have. I mean, by now you probably already have it on your phone. And if you’re trailing behind and have no clue what I’m talking about, get ready to add another app to your list of favourites.

GOLO is a Montreal app that delivers everyday items from local shops and restaurants thanks to their fleet of professional drivers. The best part is that they deliver more than just food. You can order flowers, dog food, and a whole lot more! Basically, if you want it, they’ll grab it and deliver it to your doorstep via electric car (YES to saving the earth!) or bike.

And if you haven’t tried out the app yet, well, now is your chance. GOLO has sponsored the Mural Festival and has even teamed up with Grill Saint-Laurent, a unique culinary event which features fire-grilled dishes from some of the city’s best restaurants, to bring you guys some delicious BBQ food.

So how does it all go down? If you show up at the Grill Saint-Laurent activation during the Mural Festival and prove that you have the GOLO app on your phone (as a registered user), you’ll receive a BBQ coupon worth $6 to try anything on the menu!

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How cool is that? And if that wasn’t enough of an incentive to download the app, you can also use code ‘MTLBLOG’ for $15 off your first purchase on the GOLO app.

So, are you ready for some delicious free food courtesy of the GOLO app? Make sure to download the app (iOS or Android) and head down to the Mural Festival for some free noms.

Oh, and PS? Looks like they are also hosting a party with Frank And Oak at the Mural VIP Lounge!

Via Grill Saint-Laurent

For more information on the GOLO app, make sure to visit their website or Instagram page!