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You Can Get FREE "Bubble Waffle" Ice Cream This Weekend

Here's the inside scoop.
You Can Get FREE "Bubble Waffle" Ice Cream This Weekend

Early this spring we were getting in the summer spirit and we wrote about a highly anticipated ice cream shop set to open this summer.

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The Mont-Royal spot is called Gaufres & Glaces and they make ultra-yummy looking ice cream creations that are served on a hot and fluffy waffle cone. 

What's even better is they offer a huge array of toppings. Seriously, like a buffet of premium topping and insanely good dips, I'm talking 21 different kinds of Belgian chocolate. Yum.

This weekend the shop and I_Love_Mtl are hosting a promotion which will allow you to get a totally FREE bubble waffle ice cream.  

Here are the rules. 

First, you must follow @i_love_mtl et @gaufresglaces on Instagram and make your way to one of the 3 Gaufres & Glaces locations this weekend. You can show them the post in exchange for a free ice cream! You can click on the Instagram post below for all the details, too.

@i_love_mtlembedded via  

Bonus 1: If you really love ice cream you can share the post in your Instagram story to run the chance to win a $25 gift card to Gaufres & Glaces.

Bonus 2: Once you're at the shop, take a photo of your ice cream and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #gaufreslovesmtl for another chance to win a $25 gift card.

For more info on Gaufres & Glaces check out their Facebook page HERE!

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