Cineplex Theatres Across Quebec Are Offering Free Popcorn For National Popcorn Day

Claim your one free small serving this weekend!
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You Can Get Free Popcorn At Cineplex Theatres In Quebec This Weekend

Good news, movie-goers! You can get free popcorn at Cineplex theatres across Quebec in celebration of National Popcorn Day! Too often, movie theatre snacks are the indulgence that makes the experience tragically expensive. Customers resort to smuggling in illicit candy to avoid the cost, but risk expulsion in the process. So this one-day deal is sure to pique the interest of cash-strapped Montrealers.

The free popcorn offer is only valid on Sunday, January 19 for SCENE cardholders. The good news is that it's easy to sign up for a SCENE membership!

All a Cineplex customer need do is present their card or SCENE app barcode at the concession stand to claim their one free small bag of popcorn.

The offer "cannot be combined with any other concession offers, combos or promotions," says Cineplex.

But movie theatre popcorn lovers don't even have to venture to the theatre to get a taste.

Cineplex has partnered with SkipTheDishes in Canada to offer every customer a free bag delivered right to their homes, according to a press release.

"To claim your free popcorn, simply download the SkipTheDishes app, search 'Cineplex' and add a small popcorn to your order."

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Now in its third year, the National Popcorn Day promotion has achieved new success.

"Last year, Cineplex served more than 300 million kernels of popcorn on National Popcorn Day," the company states. "This year, Cineplex anticipates that movie-lovers will surpass that number!"

There's also a reason you can't find that Cineplex popcorn taste anywhere else. The mega theatre company "has a signature popcorn recipe exclusive to its theatres, making it that perfect mix of salty, buttery and fluffy deliciousness."

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You can sign up for a SCENE membership here and for SkipTheDishes here!

Free Cineplex Popcorn For National Popcorn Day

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What: One free small bag of Cineplex popcorn for SCENE members and SkipTheDishes customers

When: Sunday, January 19, 2020

Where: Participating Cineplex theatres across Canada


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