You Can Get FREE Root Beer All Across Canada This Weekend

The perfect refresher to help you beat the heat wave!
You Can Get FREE Root Beer All Across Canada This Weekend

It's safe to say no matter who you are, you aren't going to argue free food. This Summer has been quite plentiful with it's array of free giveaways, with deals like free coffee every weekend this Summer and free McDonald's french fries for National french fry day, you'd think it couldn't get any better than this.

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Well, once again we are left in awe at another amazing free offer. This time, it's root beer! As if A&W hasn't already delivered this week with their new 'bleeding' vegan burger, they're stepping their game up once again. From open until close all of the restaurant's locations across Canada will be giving out free root beer in celebration of Free Root Beer Day. This is a one day only event, so mark your calendar for July 14 - this Saturday!

Via A&W Canada

The special event seems to have been invented specifically for the major fast food chain, who's not only known for their famous burgers but for their bubbly mugs overflowing with sweet, refreshing root beer. 

The best part is you don't even have to feel guilty for endulging in a sweet and sugary beverage. A&W's classic root beer is made with natural cane sugar and flavoured all-naturally, which gives it not only a unique sweet taste apart from other root beers but a much better reputation that other sugary carbonated drinks on the market.

No purchase is necessary to take advantage of this awesome offer, all you have to do is walk into your local A&W this Saturday and pick up your free root beer! Although it would be a delicious refresher to go with the 'bleeding' vegan burger that vegans and omnivores alike have been going crazy over this entire week. 

For Canadians coping with the unbearable July heat wave, free root beer looks like a gift sent from heaven just about now. 


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