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You Can Get Free Tickets For Osheaga This Week

The very last of them are up for grabs in Montreal.
You Can Get Free Tickets For Osheaga This Week

Montreal's hottest music festival is right around the corner, and with headliners like Radiohead, Lana Del Rey, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, the line-up for this year is crazier than ever.

If you haven't gotten tickets yet, you might want to act fast, since there are only General Admission single day passes left for sale on the official website. But don't panic, if you're feeling lucky, you could still score some day passes for FREE!

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That's right, car2go is rolling out one of the freshest promos of the summer giving all Montrealers a chance to win a shiny day-pass to Osheaga on them.

And to enter, all you have to do is take a picture. There's a fresh batch of smart cars out there rolling around with Osheaga stickers on them, and if you happen to catch one, make sure to share a picture of it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #car2gOSHEAGA, and you just might be heading off to Osheaga for free! But hurry, because there are only 6 passes up or grabs and winners will be selected on July 25!

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We all know getting round Montreal for the weekend can be a real pain sometimes, but it doesn't have to be. Sign up for car2go for free by using promo code OSHEAGA, and get a bonus 30 minutes. It's the luxury of owning your own vehicle for those rainy day shopping trips or getting out to explore the city with friends, you know, without all the hassle of owning your own car. And with no commitment, you don't ever pay unless you use it. Definitely beats taking the bus.

For more info on how to win your free Osheaga day pass, check out car2go's website here!