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You Can Get Fried Mac 'N' Cheese Eggs Benedict At This Montreal Restaurant

It has blessed us with its presence
You Can Get Fried Mac 'N' Cheese Eggs Benedict At This Montreal Restaurant

Just f••• me up.

The other day we told you about this Brunch Mac n' Cheese. But now I can happily report that there is, indeed, a Fried Mac n' Cheese Eggs Benedict in Montreal.

The Benny Mac at Fabergé on Fairmont in the Mile End is a specialty dish and one of the restaurant's most popular.

Picture it: a mac n' cheese fritter. Topped with pulled pork. Jalapeño jelly. And a poached egg. 

Actually, you don't need to picture it because I have pictures:




Enjoy the benny mac on the Fabergé terrace or check out the stunning and sleak secret garden the restaurant advertises on its website

The trendy brunch spot also serves other instagram-worthy dishes like the poutine matinale, the chicken waffle, and the PB&J French Toast, which deserves its own article.

Oh yeah, there are also $7 mimosas!

The restaurant interior is as cozy and soul-warming as the food it serves.

Even the coffee bar is pleasing to the eyes.

Serving brunch and trendy Montreal realness.

@faberge514embedded via  

If you want more food, Fairmont Bagels is across the street.

You can catch me there Saturday....and Sunday.


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