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You Can Get Hired And Paid $20,000 This Summer To Go Camping Across Canada

Apply now for the ultimate dream job.
You Can Get Hired And Paid $20,000 This Summer To Go Camping Across Canada

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Woods Canada, the world renowned brand of camping gear, footwear and outdoor apparel has announced that they are looking for 2 candidates to take part in the ultimate dream job. If you're the type of person who loves getting into adventures, exploring and backpacking then this job is perfect for you.

If you're chosen, you will be paid $20,000 to travel the country for 5 months and explore as much of the Trans Canada Trail as you can while keeping a detailed log. Each week you will be sent to a new destination along the 17,000 kilometers of trails. All you travel expenses and accommodations will be paid for along with a bonus per diem for miscellaneous expenses and a potential $2,000 bonus upon completion of your adventure. You'll be given all the gear you need as well as some special training. The adventure lasts from May 12, 2015 until September 30, 2015.

The candidates chosen must be true explorers who feel comfortable in all types of landscapes and weather. Ideally with experience in swimming, hiking, canoeing, basic climbing, camping, communicating, photography and blogging . You must be respectful of nature and knowledgeable about the Woods brand.

To apply you'll need to send a 60 second video explaining why you should be chosen, but you have to send it in before April 17th, so hurry!


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