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You Can Get Paid $300 In Montreal To Be Massaged

Talk about some easy money.
You Can Get Paid $300 In Montreal To Be Massaged

Yes you read that correctly, you can actually get paid to receive massages. What a world we live in! Once again we ventured into the magical world of Craigslist jobs and as always, we weren't disappointed. A masseuse is looking for test subjects to practice on and they need you to be the guinea pig.

You will have to be practiced on at least 5 times and you will be paid $60 per session ... life is so hard.

These massages will vary between regular, Swedish and Russian with oil and cream (we're hoping they mean 'massage cream' and not the kind of cream you cook with). To qualify for this job you need to be a male, under 30 years old, and you must provide a face and body picture in your "application."

Good luck!

Photo cred - Craigslist

Check out the original ad here

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