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You Can Have St-Viateur Bagels Delivered Right To Your Door

Room service for bagels but at your home.

Photo cred - St-Viateur Bagel

How many times have you woken up on a lazy Saturday morning, sleep still in your eyes, hungry for a little brunch steez from the comfort of your own home? Quite often me thinks. Your go-to breakfast in bed? A simple bagel with a cracked egg in the middle. Delicious.

Only problem is, you are out of bagels, so you're forced to put on pants and hit up the corner store for some shitty-ass bread bagels, which we all know are the worst. If only there was some kind of delivery service to bring you such delectable specialty items right to your door.

Rejoice! There is some kind of delivery service that does just that, and it's called Montreal Frais. This Montreal-based startup is has currently got a selection of some 600 gourmet products from some of the city's finest food stores, including St-Viateur Bagel, Fromagerie Hamel, and Pâtissierie Rhubarb to name a few.

The Montreal Frais service costs $8 and promises delivery within a few hours. For now, it's limited to just the Plateau area, but with enough demand, plans on expanding to the whole island.

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