You Can Literally Get A Pitcher Of Poutine At This Montreal Restaurant

Who needs plates!
You Can Literally Get A Pitcher Of Poutine At This Montreal Restaurant

When you think of the best Quebec eats the first thing that comes to mind is poutine. It's the official Canadian comfort food that is acceptable to be seen eating any time of year. This traditional classic has tons of different variations that can honestly classify it as the most diverse dish ever.

That's why finding the most insane way to have poutine just had to be done. What better way to express some Québécois pride than to be able to say you've had the most incredible interpretation of poutine ever created?

As expected, you can get this dish in Montreal. Prepare for a mind blowing revelation: you now know about the poutine in a pitcher. You're welcome.

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If heaven was a place on earth the center of this pitcher would be that place. Medley Simple Malt makes the poutine with the classic fixings and tops it with chives and shredded cheese. You're probably going to want to call upon a few friends for this one, or take on the challenge of enjoying this mouth-watering meal all to yourself.

A poutine pitcher is only $22, all the more reason to get there ASAP. The restaurant and bar also serves tons of beers to go perfectly with your Canadian dinner. Honestly, what more could you ask for! This is the best dish to bring in some good weekend vibes.

You can check out Medley Simple Malt's entire menu and Facebook page HERE.

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