You Can Now Be A "Cat Taxi Driver" In Verdun

Photo cred - maiandtheskies

Have you ever taken a cab in Montreal and wondered how our feline companions get around town when their owners are at work or otherwise indisposed? You are not alone. The cat's of this city unfortunately don't have an STM or BIXI when they need to get somewhere, and driving themselves is just plain ridiculous. Everyone knows, cat's don't drive.

That's why the Refuge pour chats de Verdun is seeking "cat cabbies" to help transport orphaned cats on adoption days. Every second Sunday of the month, the Refuge pour chats de Verdun gives you the opportunity to help a pussy out by offering lifts between foster homes and the Centre Marcel-Giroux in Verdun in mornings and afternoon. All you need is a valid driver's licence and your own vehicle, and you can be a hero to cat's everywhere.

Check out the Refuge pour chats de Verdun webpage to find out how you can save a pussy here.

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