You Can Now Be Hired To Become A Real-Life Professor Snape For $130/Hour

A British couple is looking for the perfect candidate to tutor their 11-year old son.
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You Can Now Be Hired To Become A Real-Life Professor Snape For $130/Hour

A British family needs the help of a real-life Professor Snape to help them tutor their 11-year old son. A couple named Kate and John want their son to ace his science exams with the help of his favourite Harry Potter characters and they're willing to pay a great salary for their little Potter geek. 

They're offering £75/hour or $130/hour CAD for someone to dress up as Professor Snape, Professor Sprout, and Professor Hooch to teach their son various lessons. Of course, they will also transform their home into a Harry Potter themed look for the duration of the lessons. What a job!

Applicants must procure their own costumes, but the couple will gladly pay for any extras such as "wands, quills, and other wizarding accessories", according to the job posting on Tutor House U.K.

This summer is, apparently, the summer of Harry Potter jobs as the Canadian government is also looking for wizards to work "various administrative positions"

As you probably know, Professor Snape is the Harry Potter universe's favourite anti-hero. The potions master teetered on the brink of evil until he redeems himself in the final book.

Now you too can step into the shoes of the most goth Potter character and (potentially) give an 11-year old some trauma they'll have to overcome in their character arc. Of course, the fact that you'll probably be all the characters at once will be traumatic enough for the kid. Just kidding, we all know this whole set-up is the thing of dreams, not nightmares.

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Here's the original job request that was found on Tutor House U.K. 

[rebelmouse-image 26892909 photo_credit="Tutor House U.K." expand=1 original_size="1200x519"] Tutor House U.K.

Kate and John detail that the ideal tutor would have "at least four years experience" and someone that will "put 100% effort" in their lessons. 

They need a tutor for Tuesday and Thursday evenings and are willing to pay £75/hour $130/hour CAD. That's a pretty good rate for private lessons! Of course, you have to prove that you're the perfect candidate as they are taking many applications. 

The job has been listed since last week and it seems that Tutor House U.K. hasn't yet found the perfect Professor Snape for them. Could you be the one?

Auditions are currently underway for a Professor Snape tutor so if you think you've got what it takes, apply by emailing with the subject line 'Harry Potter tutor'.

The family will be contacting applicants directly so make sure to keep an eye on your emails if you do end up applying. 


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