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You Can Now Buy Game Of Thrones Oreos Across Canada

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You Can Now Buy Game Of Thrones Oreos Across Canada

Game of Thrones has been making headlines as it wraps up its latest season. Whether it be for a Starbucks cup accidentally left in a shot, or because the SAQ stocked its shelves with Game of Thrones wine, the show really has people talking.

Game of Thrones has been pushing out merchandise relentlessly to promote the latest season of the uber-popular show. The latest brand to come out with iron-throne branded merchandise is Oreo. The popular dessert brand just launched a Game of Thrones line of Oreo cookies.

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Oreo tweeted out this announcement a few days ago:

The packaging is definitely on-point, but the Game of Thrones theme doesn't stop there. Each cookies is printed with either the House Lanister, House Targaryan, House Stark or Night King sigils.

You can even "pledge your fealty" to your favourite house online.

The brand went so far as to re-imagine the iconic Game of Thrones intro with Oreo cookies and, honestly, it's pretty impressive.

Check it out here:

For once, this isn't the kind of cool thing that only Americans get to enjoy, because the Game of Thrones Oreo cookies are available across Canada, too.

In Quebec, you can find them at Metro, Sobeys, and Provigo.

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The rest of Canada can find them at the following places: Metro (Ontario), Sobeys (West Coast), Sobeys (Ontario), Sobeys Atlantic (East Coast), Loblaw’s (Canada-wide), Save on Foods (West), and the Federated Co-op (West).

The cookies are limited edition, so get them while you can!

A Tweet from a fan confirms there are already on the shelves in Quebec!

Oh, and don't forget:


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